Local Expenditure


January, 2010

In Q1 2010, the local government expenditures of the Municipality amount to RMB 46.37 billion, RMB 0.41 billion or 0.9% higher than the previous year, in which the Municipal-level expenditures are RMB 11.92 billion, RMB 3.75 billion or 23.9% down from the previous year.

Of the local government expenditures, priority is given to stimulating domestic demands, industrial structuring and the improvement of the people's livelihood. Educational expenditures rise by 17.9%, mainly including fiscal funding for compulsory education, education distribution adjustment and facility constructions, and financial aid for needy students. Spending on environmental conservation rises by 48.6%, and the main spending items include subsidies for promoting energy-efficient lighting products, the demonstrative application of de-sulfurized gypsum, and the replacement of old cars. Besides, special funds are set up for revitalizing pillar industries, technology upgrading and infrastructure construction for stimulating domestic demands.