Local Expenditure


June, 2010

In H1 2011, the local government expenditures amount to RMB 145.8 billion, RMB 42.05 billion or 40.5% higher than the previous year, in which the Municipal-level expenditures are RMB 49.9 billion, RMB 17.01 billion or 51.7% up from the previous year.

The local government expenditures of the Municipality in H1 2010 show three Focuses. The first focus is on industrial restructuring. Expenditures on scientific innovation, industrial development and energy and environment conservation rise by 48.4%, including mainly special funds for major scientific projects, commercialization of cutting-edge technologies, independent innovation, development of high-tech industries, and energy efficiency and emission reduction. The second focus is on the improvement of the people's livelihood. Expenditures on education, public health, cultural activities, social security and employment and affordable housing increase by 52.5% and mainly cover the medical insurance of urban citizens and colleges students, subsidies for endowment insurance and low-rent housing, and the social security for the aged citizens without guarantee. The Municipality also raises the allowance standards for urban citizens living under minimum livelihood level, the income standards of workers on public welfare posts, and the standard of subsidies for the needy citizens. The third focus is on social harmony and stability. Expenditures on public security, food stuff, production safety and supervision on food and drugs safety increase by 10.3%, including mainly special funds for the prevention and treatment of H1N1 virus, food and drug sampling investigation, and supervision over production safety.