Local Expenditure


November, 2010

In November, the local government expenditures of the Municipality amount to RMB 21.78 billion, RMB 4.01 billion or 15.5% lower than the previous year, in which the Municipal-level expenditures amount to RMB 6.79 billion, RMB 4.67 billion or 40.8% down from the previous year.

Of government spending, priority is given to the crucial programs for economic restructuring and improvement of people's livelihood. In November, expenditures on resources exploration, electric power and communication as a broad category, education and public health increase by 86.1%, 48.1% and 19.5% respectively. Special funds are allocated to support the development of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), the development of informatization, and demonstration enterprises for IPR development and protection. Major expenditures also go to the national aspiration scholarships, financial aid for needy college students, college cultural development, college restructuring, citizen health promotion and immunization.

The total local government expenditures of the Municipality from Jan. to Nov. 2010 amount to RMB 256.53 billion, 24.6% higher than the previous year.