Local Expenditure


December, 2010

In 2010, the local government expenditures of the Municipality amount to RMB 330.92 billion, RMB 31.32 billion or 10.5% higher than the previous year, in which the Municipal-level expenditures amount to RMB 127.87 billion, RMB 4.67 billion or 6.8% up from the previous year.

The expenditure this year has three focuses. The first focus is on improving the people's livelihood. For this purpose, at the Municipal level, RMB 66.58 billion is spent this year on promoting employment, social security, medicine and health, building affordable housing, launching major programs of the long-term and mid-term education reform and development plan, some public welfare programs such as raising the basic pension for retirees, providing minimum-livelihood guarantee allowance for unban and rural residents, expanding employment, and a series of programs that benefit the people and address their major concerns. The second focus is on industrial restructuring. RMB 24.13 billion is spent on support for industry development and enhancing their talent attraction. Special funds are set up at the Municipal level for growth model transformation and industrial restructuring, and special funds for providing financing guarantee for SMEs are increase, both aiming to promoting the transformation of economic development and the strategic adjustment of economic restructure. The third focus is on promoting the progress of a harmonious society. RMB 16.5 billion is spent at the Municipal level on safeguarding public security, quality technologies, food and drug supervision, and emergency responses, building the system of safe production and the system of food and drug security, improving the social development, and ensuring the safe running of the Expo 2010. The total expenditures of the said focus programs amount to RMB 107.21 billion, accounting for 83.8% of the total Municipal-level government expenditures.