Local Expenditure


March, 2011

In Q1 2011, the local government expenditures of the Municipality amount to RMB 64.55 billion, RMB 18.19 billion or 39.2% higher than the previous year, in which the Municipal-level expenditures amount to RMB 18.73 billion, RMB 6.81 billion or 57.1% up from the previous year.

Of the local government expenditures, priority is given to innovation, industrial restructuring and improvement of people's livelihood. In Q1 2011, expenditures of the Municipality on science and technology development, energy and environment conservation, and agriculture, forest and water affairs increase by 63.4%, 78.5% and 90.1% respectively. The main expenditures are made on the construction of the National Research Center for Urban Water Resources Recycling, the promotion of the energy efficient and alternative fuel automobiles, and subsidies for the cultivation of rice and fine breeds.