Local Expenditure


May, 2011

In May, the local government expenditures of the Municipality amount to RMB 27.39 billion, RMB 11.71 billion or 29.9% lower than the previous year, in which the Municipal-level expenditures amount to RMB 7.24 billion, RMB 10.27 billion or 58.6% down from the previous year. The total local government expenditures of the Municipality from January to May amount to RMB 11.93 billion, 17.3% higher than the previous year.

Of the local government expenditures, priority is still given to the improvement of people's livelihood and industrial restructuring. In May, expenditures on education, social security and employment, and housing guarantee have been made sufficiently, mainly including fiscal subsidies for college cultural development, the daily operation of medical insurance stations, the construction of special housing projects in large residential quarters in some districts (county).

The local government expenditures this month is lower than the same month of the previous year, mainly because the Municipal-level and district/county-level financial departments and budget departments cooperate very well in improving budget execution management, so the budget and expenditure efficiency and equity improve obviously. The local government expenditures from January to May account for 34.7% of the total budgets of the Municipality, higher than the previous year.