Local Expenditure


September, 2011

From January to September 2011, the local government expenditures of the Municipality amount to RMB 231.37 billion, RMB 14.1 billion or 6.5% higher than the previous year. Among the major expenditure items, expenditure on education increases by 19.2%, expenditure on public health increases by 16.4%, expenditure on urban and rural community affairs increases by 18.2%, and expenditure on the housing program increases by 19.9%.

So far this year, the finance bureaus of the Municipality have tried to ensure that the key targets of fiscal expenditures reviewed and approved by the Municipal People's Congress early this year are fulfilled, and the priority is given to funding for innovation, economic and industrial restructuring, the improvement of people's livelihood, social development, rural-urban integration, urban management and safe operation. The Municipality's government expenditure structure has been further optimized.